UI DesignerHave more than 3 years of UI/UE design experience, major in design
Please send your CV to our e-mail: hr@kelepool.comJob Responsibilities1. Responsible for web and H5 product interface design, can actively think about problems from the perspective of users and industries, and propose the best interface design and interaction solutions. 2. Responsible for project-related web pages, posters, publicity content UI design and 3D model interaction related design, control the overall visual creativity, style setting, color and layout. 3. In-depth business background and grasp the business background, and drive the continuous improvement of user experience from the user's perspective.Requirements1. Have more than 3 years of UI/UE design experience, major in design, bachelor degree or above, and have mature online product cases. 2. Love the design industry, have strong comprehensive quality, pay attention to details, dare to innovate, have the spirit of continuous experimentation, and have a certain insight into design trends. 3. Understand the design trends at home and abroad, and be able to use Photoshop, Illustrator and other design software proficiently. 4. Possess excellent self-motivation, organization and coordination ability, execution ability and teamwork spirit.